Success On Desktop: It's Still Possible With PPC Campaigns

What do you do if you want to take advantage of the success of PPC digital campaigns, but your customers only convert on desktop? You may have an audience that skews older and doesn’t feel comfortable buying on a mobile device. Or you may have a complex offering like SAAS or financial tool services. Maybe you have a B2B offer that your customers will purchase and engage with at work only.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google spend most of their shareholder meetings touting their dominance in the mobile marketplace. That’s where the early adopters and the kids live their digital lives. And it’s where the bleeding edge digital platforms need to show they are flourishing.

Here is the secret of these platforms: although their default is to sell you as many mobile clicks as possible, it is possible to make money and advertise without ever showing an ad on a mobile device. Every platform has a placement option in its ad-building tool.

There are major issues to manage with a desktop strategy. Your reach will be lower.  If you are targeting customers at work, you will need to control when your ads run as well as where.

If your audience is young, you will need to be creative and aggressive to find them and manage their expectations. It may be worth  investing in a mobile app that launches automatically from your mobile-optimized website. Instagram, SnapChat, and other mobile heavy platforms are pretty much impossible to run on desktop-only, so those need to be removed from any conversion campaigns.

But if you have an older audience and your cost per conversion allows for the higher CPM and lower reach you will experience, desktop campaigns can be a profitable and successful tool for your marketing mix.

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