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Full Service Google Adwords Management

At Follow Us Digital, we split test everything: copy, images, audience, placement, day, and time of the week. We make every decision about your campaign with real data and evidence.

Although we excel in using the technology and tools of digital advertising, that is not the primary driver of our clients’ success. Before we start on a campaign, we go back to basics. Who is the customer? What are their needs? What is unique about the client that meets the customer’s needs? Are their points of difference that will add value for the customer? What to do the customers do online? Where do they hang out? What is going to grab their attention and keep them engaged.

We know the importance of matching the message to the audience. The technology is just a tool to perform great marketing.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter campaigns. We use a proprietary forecasting model and process to plan and build high ROI ads.

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Some clients know exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it. But they don’t have the technical knowledge and experience to create successful PPC campaigns.

For clients who need to determine the best strategy for their campaigns, we offer strategic consulting packages that are custom designed for each client.

Our Services

PPC Training & Coaching

We offer courses that take clients through a rigorous process to learn the in’s and out’s of PPC Advertising. Business owners and their teams learn how to create their own campaigns.