Doubling Conversions and Return on Advertisement Spending

Client Challenge

The client is a major US based hospital system with a Google Ads budget in the high six figures however, their AdWord campaigns are underperforming significantly. In summer of 2017, the client reached out to Follow Us Digital, LLC to:

  • overhaul the campaign
  • improve results – #1 KPI was calls and appointments for new patients
  • train the client’s internal digital marketing team

The Approach

In October of 2017, Follow Us Digital, LLC implemented the following changes after taking control of the client’s AdWord account:

  • removal of scripts implemented by previous marketing agency
  • creation of patient profiles for each practice area
  • creation and live testing of at least three messages for each separate practice area
  • implementing updates to client’s landing page
  • keyword optimization
  • completion of the math-test bidding rules


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