6 Facebook Lead Ads Updates You May Have Missed

Looks like great minds think alike, friends. I literally had just published my rant about all of the drawbacks of the new Facebook lead ads yesterday when I saw this hit my inbox from Jon Loomer, my Facebook ad hero. Here is his post about all of the changes Facebook has made to their new lead ads in response to feedback from advertisers like me.

Jon explains the updates beautifully in his post; he is my go-to for all things technical regarding Facebook advertising. Some highlights of the issues from my original post Facebook has addressed in the new version of the lead ads:

  • you can now publish on desktop, not just mobile.
  • you can get instant downloads into your CRM with Zapier integration, although having to pay a monthly recurring charge for Zapier is a bridge too far for some of us freelancers, and for small businesses watching their pennies.
  • they have created the equivalent of an in-Facebook landing page, which they are calling ‘context cards’ and video integration, which is like a mini YouTube ad.
  • and finally, editable field ID’s and forms that you can at least copy although you still can’t edit them once they are saved, are big improvements.

I am reserving judgment until I test them out in the wild. But it sounds like Facebook quickly realized that these ads were not converting in their original format.

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