How Outcome Advertising Changes The Game

All of the tools of digital marketing are asking the same questions –
Who is your customer?
What do they want?
How can your product improve your customer’s life?
Where do they hang out?
What do they like?

The Feed is Dead. Long Live Meaningful Groups and Messenger!

What does the future of Facebook mean for Facebook Ads? Mark Zuckerberg says the future is about private, encrypted services. But who will be using these services? Without the Facebook Feed that has been the hallmark of FB since its inception, what will social look like? We are exhausted by Facebook. The fun of seeing the […]

Do The New Facebook Lead Ads Actually Produce Leads?

I recently ran my first campaign using Facebook’s new lead ad format. I have a software client who is open to trying new things, so we ventured into the unknown and ran a low spend test campaign with lead magnets including special discounts, free offers, and free how-to guides for their software. History – Facebook […]

AdWords V. Facebook – Who Delivers?

I recently started working with my fourth client who has experienced success advertising on AdWords and wants to replicate that success with Facebook ads. This must a fairly significant trend and worthy of a blog post since I am a small consultancy. Search and Find vs. Interest and Find If you are transitioning from AdWords […]