No Customer List? No problem. Using Video views To Build An Engaged Audience On Facebook

One of the reasons Facebook ads are so effective at getting conversions is the Lookalike audience. With Lookalike audiences, if you have a list of at least 20 customers with Facebook ID’s, Facebook will build you an audience that looks just like your customer list. I enhance these audiences further to get more mileage and targeting. Using Lookalikes as a base is one of the building blocks  insiders use to increase conversions by at least 20% over Saved audiences.

But what if you don’t have a customer list? What if you are launching a new product or even a new company? Until about 6 months ago, you would have to use whatever intelligence you had about your customers to build audiences based on demographics and interests. There is a process to do this that can create high converting audiences, but the testing process is long and intense to find your perfect audience.

With the Video Views campaign, Facebook has given us a new tool to find your ideal audience at minimal cost. Here’s how it works:

1) Create test Saved audiences based on what you know about the demographic and psychographic profile of your target customer.

2) Create a short (60 seconds or less is a good length) video that will convey your message with OR without sound. You can even use stock footage.

3) Run a Video Views campaign to your test audiences, optimizing for the lowest cost/video view. Your goal should be $0.02/view, the best result I have had with the clients I have run these campaigns with in the last quarter.

4) Once you hit 1,000 views, create a Lookalike audience from your Video View Audience.

5) Start targeting your new Lookalike audience with your conversion, like, or engagement campaigns. Your results should significantly exceed your KPI’s for non-Lookalike audiences.

6) Rinse and Repeat.

One other great benefit of video on Facebook is that the latest algorithm release prioritizes live and static video content over links and picture content. So your ads will be served up first over your competitors.

To learn more about using video views to target your ideal audience, contact me at or schedule a session with me at

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