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Steady high revenue and leads from Pay Per Click ads

Management • Coaching • Consulting

Management of Social and Digital Media PPC Ads

Strategic Digital Marketing Consulting

PPC and Digital Marketing Coaching

Follow Us Digital - PPC

Specializing in Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Twitter campaigns. We use a proprietary forecasting model and process to plan and build high ROI ads. At Follow Us Digital, we split test everything: copy, images, audience, placement, day and time of the week. Going with your gut is not allowed at Follow Us; every decision about your campaign is made with real data and evidence.

Follow Us Digital - Coaching

Some clients know exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it. But they don’t have the technical knowledge and experience to create successful PPC campaigns.

We offer courses that take clients through a rigorous process to learn the in’s and out’s of PPC Advertising. Business owners and their team learn how to create their own campaigns.

Follow Us Digital - Consulting

For clients who need to determine the best strategy for their campaigns, we offer strategic consulting packages that are custom designed for each client.

Our Clients

Follow Us D’s clients range from high-tech startups to large established hospitals and businesses. Duke Health Systems, Sanctuary Digital Agency, Stinky Dog Beads and Off2Class are some of our top clients who represent a range of industries and growth stages.

Although we have templates we have developed that leverage our best practices, every client engagement begins with a deep needs analysis so we can create a customized solution.

Industry Experience –  Healthcare, Finance, High-Tech, Gaming, Retail, Consulting Services, Education as a Second Language Services, Fashion.

Follow Us Digital is headquartered in North Carolina, USA. Because our business is digital, our clients are global with locations in India, Canada, Australia, the UK, and throughout the US. We would love to meet you, but Skype will do nicely.

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