How Outcome Advertising Changes The Game

All of the tools of digital marketing are asking the same questions –
Who is your customer?
What do they want?
How can your product improve your customer’s life?
Where do they hang out?
What do they like?

6 Facebook Lead Ads Updates You May Have Missed

Looks like great minds think alike, friends. I literally had just published my rant about all of the drawbacks of the new Facebook lead ads yesterday when I saw this hit my inbox from Jon Loomer, my Facebook ad hero. Here is his post about all of the changes Facebook has made to their new […]

Do The New Facebook Lead Ads Actually Produce Leads?

I recently ran my first campaign using Facebook’s new lead ad format. I have a software client who is open to trying new things, so we ventured into the unknown and ran a low spend test campaign with lead magnets including special discounts, free offers, and free how-to guides for their software. History – Facebook […]

AdWords V. Facebook – Who Delivers?

I recently started working with my fourth client who has experienced success advertising on AdWords and wants to replicate that success with Facebook ads. This must a fairly significant trend and worthy of a blog post since I am a small consultancy. Search and Find vs. Interest and Find If you are transitioning from AdWords […]